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Christmas Concert

Gold Patron


*Rausch Herefords

*Duenwald Brothers

*Midway Parts, Inc.

Silver Plus Patron


*Dr. Dennis & Emily Glatt

*Bob & Judie Beadle

*Tim & Tina Reuer

Silver Patron


*Kaup Kreations

*Foubergs, Giedts, Teigens, Dee Sanderson

*Pat Rausch

*John & Char Nickolas

*Bob & Mary Lou Keller

*Plains Commerce Bank

*Tim Quinn

*Rolland & Agnes Reuer Family

*First State Bank of Roscoe


*Nicholas Karst

*Eileen Beitelspacher & Jan Banghart

* Jane Meekins




Platinum Patrons


*Harlan Rausch Family

*Spencer Stearns

*Jeanne Bieber

*Michael & Jean Denton

Bronze Patrons:


*Ken Rausch

*Dave Rausch

*Nancy Kaiser

*Margie Arbach

Additional Additional Gold Patron, Silver Plus Patron and Silver Patrons are welcome for our next concert on December 5, 2021 at 3:00 pm.    

(General admission tickets are available).

For more information or tickets, please call St. Anthony's Rectory @

605-948-2451, Extension 1


Credit card orders are accepted during business hours, Tuesday thru Friday weekdays 8:30 am-4:30 pm

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